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RHCC enables poverty stricken communities to restore hope, care for their children and build their communities.    Orphan care, scholarships, wells and homes are some of the foundations you can provide a community in need.  Click and image or scroll down to learn more.

Orphan Care

In any community, the poorest of the poor often struggle to care for their children.  In many countries there is no foster care or government assistance agencies or programs to help families and children in need of care.  Our desire is to partner with local churches in communities where we work to be sure these children are cared for.  We hope to feed, clothe, educate and love children that otherwise would not have a home and whenever possible, bring physical, financial, spiritual and emotional healing to the family so that they would be able to be reunited with their children.


Student Sponsorhip

Restoring Hope, Child and Community believes that education is one of the most important tools to use when helping a community to escape poverty.  In many communities, free education is not provided and so RHCC hopes to establish programs within communities that match sponsors here in the US that would contribute each month to a student scholar in order to ensure that child an education. 



Life is difficult in any community that doesn't have relatively easy access to clean water.  So much energy needs to be expended by members of a household if they need to walk to get water and/or if the available water is not clean.  It's hard for any community to move on to solving other issues until they gain access to clean water.




RHCC has built several homes for the most needy in the community of Beaudois, Haiti and hopes to be able to do that again in additional communities when and where necessary.

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