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Sponsor a scholar

One of the main ways RHCC ministers to the community of Beaudois is by providing education for the students through a sponsorship program. Education is key in community development and investing in one or more students is an investment if the health of the entire community.


The cost to sponsor a scholar is just $30/month. You will be matched with a student and receive a photo of your student, occasional letters from them, and be able to write back to them, as well.

We are always in need of additional sponsors and would love to have you join us in this ministry. Sign up by clicking the button below.

educate a young adult

A number of the students we have sponsored in Beaudois in the past have now graduated from high school and moving on to college or learning a trade. This is where we really see the returns on our investments over the years. We have some studying medicine, accounting, nursing and other careers. These students are committed to their community and will return after their schooling to give back. But we all know that the cost of financing an education beyond high school is even more daunting. You can help by sponsoring one of these students for just $80/month. 

We will let you know which student you are contributing to and will receive updates and be able to have some communication with them. Click the button below to sponsor the education of a young adult.


care for An ORPHAN

There have been a number of children in the community of Beuadois who have lost parents and have been taken in to be cared for by Pastor Antoine and his family. As the children grew, the ministry outgrew its facilities and RHCC was able to be involved in building a home for these children and their caretakers. Caring full time for these children costs about $200/month per child and this cost is something that RHCC helps to provide. We would love to have you join us in this ministry by caring for one of these children on an on-going, monthly basis. 

Click the button below to commit to caring for one of these children.

make a general donation

RHCC ministers in Haiti and in India in a variety of ways. In addition to the 3 things noted above, we also do medical trips to Haiti, have built houses, wells, and a community center, donated goats for families to raise and breed, helped to purchase property in both Beaudois and India, and supported missionaries sent from the church in India to rural villages, and many other things. We would love to have you join us in spreading the gospel and building the Kingdom of God through meeting physical and spiritual needs in these communities in any way you can. Click the button below to donate any amount you feel led to give and feel free to mention a specific project to donate to if you'd like. 

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