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Beaudois, Haiti


The first place God led us is Beaudois, Haiti, a rural community located high in the mountains of northeastern Haiti. It is an economically and resource poor area where most people are subsistence farmers.  Sadly, the lack of rain and poor soil quality make growing food an goods a challenge.  Families struggle to provide food and adequate housing, let alone educate their children.

Child Development Center

Currently, one of our primary focuses in Beaudois is the building of a Child Development Center.  There are children within the community without family ties and also some children whose family is not able to care for them for various reasons.  Some of these children are currently being cared for by the staff of the Child Development Center in facilities that are inadequate for any kind of expansion of this ministry.  RHCC is working to raise the funds to build a facility that would serve well the children already there, allow for other children to be served there as needed and provide facilities that can be use to facilitate programs that will strengthen the community as a whole as well as individual families.  Below are some renderings of the structure we hope to build there.  If you would like to donate to this project, see the specifics on the "How You Can Help" page.

Child Development Center
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