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Northeastern India

Restoring Hope, Child and Community partners with a Northeastern Indian ministry led by indigenous Christians. Established in 2008, these faithful believers opened a children’s home and continue to grow. 


Children’s Home

The Children’s Home serves 40 orphaned and semi-orphaned children by providing for their physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and mental needs. These children live in a home environment where they are cared for by a local Christian couple, two staff members, and a cook. They are cared for through receiving healthy meals, having a welcoming place to call home, tutoring in their school work, and being discipled in their faith. Many of these children wish to become pastors, teachers, doctors. They have been given an eternal hope and wish to share that with others around them. 


An English speaking school was established in 2014 and over 50 students are attending. Currently the school holds grades Pre-Nursery to the 3rd grade. The school provides local children with a quality education and also the opportunity to learn English. It is important for children to learn English as all Indian universities and colleges are taught in English. Subjects taught include: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Moral Science, Computer, and General Knowledge. 

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